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Your Health, Your Choice

When I tell people that I am a Medical Herbalist, they are either intrigued and want to know more, or view me with extreme suspicion (possibly in case I cast a spell on them – not that I know any spells and if I did I would not know what to do with them!). 

Why do we do consultations and case histories?

We are all unique, wonderful and beautiful individuals, with our own story and our own journey. Nothing happens by chance and everything in this universe is connected in some way. If you are feeling unwell, your symptoms did not appear out of thin air; indeed, your body has probably been adapting and trying to overcome adverse conditions for many months before the illness manifests. Symptoms are not isolated, but signify a pattern of dis-ease (as opposed to disease) within you.

Protection from Flu & Winter Virus

From the moment the children return to school in September, we start to see a steady increase in virus strains, such as flu, coughs and colds. Of course, we can’t blame the children – although places that contain lots of tiny humans are a bit of a breeding ground for germs, there are other reasons why viruses are so prevalent in the Autumn and early winter.

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